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Water Report March 2019

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Lost Lake Property Owners Association owns their water wells. LLPOA Water System ID# WA5348345M Island County.  This is a private community.  We only supply water to our Homeowners.  A supply permit is not needed from an outside source.

We have two wells, one located at 1469 Lake Drive and second, located at 1478 Lake Drive.

We have 3 reserve lots for future wells, if water is needed.

Our water system is monitored by the State of Washington. Our Water Purveyor is licensed through the State of Washington.  Every month we have water samples collected and results sent to the Department of Health.

Below are links of our latest testing and a link to the Consumer Confidence Report, which is also required by the State of Washington.

Water Bacteria Testing March 2018

march water

Image (233)Water Bacteria Testing February 2018

Feb Water

Water Bacteria Testing January 2018

Jan1 Water

Water Chemical Analysis 2017

Water Bacteria Testing December 2017water143

Water Bacteria Testing November 2017

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Water Chemical Analysis October 2017

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Water Bacteria Testing October 2017

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Water Bacteria Testing September 2017

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Water Bacteria Testing August 2017

august water
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