Animal Complaint Form

All residents of Lost Lake, that own animals, are subject to the following regulations, LLPOA By-Laws and Island County Code.
May 3, 2013 the Lost Lake Property Owners Association Board agreed that the Association would consolidate the Animal Regulations and Barking Dog Complaint Forms and fines together. The residents were notified of this new LLPOA regulation in the July, August, September 2013 newsletter.
1. All homeowners/renters must keep their dogs on their property at all times, except when walking the animal which must be then on a leash.
2. All homeowners/renters must keep their dogs from barking and making a noise nuisance.
3. All pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their Pets. Remember to carry a bag or scooper to remove your pet’s droppings from any neighbor’s or association properties.
4. Should a dog be found loose, barking and making a nuisance to the neighbors or not cleaning up after their pet, any homeowner/resident can file a written complaint to the LLPOA Association Office. The complaint must be specific as to the owner of the pet, when and where the occurrence happened and the complaint must be signed. The Association Office will notify the offending homeowner/resident providing them with a copy of the regulations which spells out the fines and time lines involved. The actual signed complaint form will NOT be given to the offending homeowner/resident.
5. After receiving the complaint, the Association Office Manager will contact the property owner/resident via a written letter informing them of the violation. The following actions/fines will be followed:
1st Offense- Written notification of the violation with a copy of the
Rules & regulations and associated fines.—(15 Day Complaint Warning)
2nd Offense- Fifty Dollar ($50.00) fine will be assessed to the owner
of the property. (15 Day Complaint Warning)
3rd & 4th Offense- One Hundred dollar ($100.00) fine will be assessed to
the owner of the property.(15 Day Complaint Warning)
All subsequent offenses- Two Hundred Fifty Dollar ($250.00) will be assessed
to the owner of the property. (15 Day complaint Warning)
Example: Once you receive the lst warning letter you have 15 days to fix the issue. If you do not, you will receive a $50.00 fine when the second complaint notice is received by the LLPOA Club Office. Should the LLPOA office receive a third complaint after 15 days of the 2nd notice you will be fined $100.00 etc.
6. Any fines listed above are above and beyond any fines that Island County Animal Control or Sheriff may assess per incident.
7. All violations will be tracked and monitored for a rolling 12-month period from the last violation.
8. Any assessed fine that has not been paid within ninety (90) days of notice will result in a property lien and a water shut-off notice issued by the LLPOA Board of Trustees.


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