R&R’s and Bylaws

October 3 the board voted unanimously to change the violations fines back to the previous fee schedule. The first month will be $100, the second $250, the third and each subsequent violations in a 12 month period period will be $500. This replaces the weekly fine schedule.
To All Lost Lake Grove homeowners and renters:
This is to remind you that verbal abuse, bullying and threats will NOT BE TOLERATED here.
This goes for our neighbors and their guests. The Board and their families. Employees of the HOA. Any volunteers or vendors representing Lost Lake.
Verbal, mental or physical abuse are crimes in the State of Washington and will be dealt with by law enforcement.
HOA Secretary Janet Baker is screamed at and cursed out on a regular basis, by e-mail, phone, and face-to-face. Board members have been threatened and verbally attacked by unhappy homeowners. Vendors have been verbally attacked. This is not appropriate and needs to STOP NOW.
Personal issues and needs will always arise but let’s all try to act like adults and treat each other with respect even when we don’t see eye to eye. Issues that can be dealt with calmly person to person is preferable to escalation and taking others time and energy. In some cases the board may need to be involved if it falls within their responsibility.

AUGUST 8, 2019, the Board voted unanimously to add the following to the Rules and Regulations, effective August 8, 2019:

20.1 Abuse or harassment of any kind, including verbal, mental, physical abuse or bullying against any paid employee of Lost Lake Property Owners Association, any Board Member or their family, volunteers representing Lost Lake Property Owners Association, or any vendor providing a service to Lost Lake, will not be tolerated.
20.2 Verbal, mental or physical abuse are crimes in the State of Washington and law enforcement may be contacted.
20.3 Any behavior listed in 20.1 will result in a $100 fine with no 30 day warning.

R&R’s went into effect March 1, 2019.

Please remember any guests MUST be accompanied by the LLPOA homeowner.


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