DECEMBER 16, 2019

The office will close Tuesday, December 24 and reopen Thursday, January 2. Given that email will be checked on a daily basis, I ask that you do not contact me via my personal messenger during this break. Thanks for your understanding!

December 10, 2019

Flushing this Thursday will be Poplar, Hemlock, Oak Ridge, Spruce Ridge, Silver Fir, Vine Maple, Aspen and Lake with these roads.

Next Thursday will be the other side.

December 4, 2019



Door opens at 5:30 Dinner at 6:00 pm

Club providing turkey, ham, rolls and drinks

Bring your favorite potluck side dish or dessert

“Make It” table for the kids

We will sing your favorite Christmas carols

and of course the man of the hour

SANTA is coming!!!!

Any questions contact Vicki 360-572-4722

or at the party look for the old lady with pink hair


October 29, 2019

Just a reminder that all dogs MUST be behind a secure fence or on a leash short enough that the dog cannot leave the boundaries of the property. We had a CHILD who was knocked off his bike this morning by a dog on a too long of a leash. Fortunately he is ok, but this could have been much much worse. Please folks, we don’t want people to get hurt!!!!!