MARCH 23, 2020

Given the most recent guidelines regarding the coronavirus, including no more than 10 ppl in a group, the Board has made the difficult decision to cancel the Fishing Derby. This was not a decision made lightly, but the Board wants to ensure they are promoting safety and social distancing amid all this madness. Fish will still be planted March 31.
The lake will be closed to fishing until Saturday, April 4. They encourage folks to still get out and fish while still being aware of social distancing. Most everyone is aware we have an inundation of non-residents come to LL to fish. You have every right as an LLPOA homeowner to ask them to leave. We as a community are spending almost $6,000 for the fish for our community.
We also ask you please pick up fishing lines and hooks for the safety of all.

MARCH 18, 2020

The Board made the decision last nite to postpone the Annual meeting scheduled for April 4. It is tentatively reschedule for May 23. A notice will be mailed out closer to the date.

As of right now, the Fishing Derby will happen as planned.

MARCH 12, 2020

Because of the recommendations regarding the virus, there are a few changes in the office for the next few weeks. Payments can be dropped in the box outside the front door. Any communication that can be done over the phone, on messenger or email is preferred. The office will remain open regular hours unless posted otherwise. Thanks

MARCH 9, 2020

Flushing will happen Thursday, March 12 for the entire neighborhood.

MARCH 9, 2020

In an abundance of caution, the community meeting on Saturday is cancelled.

MARCH 4, 2020

There needs to be some clarification on the vote that happened regarding the pool. This does not mean the pool will definitely, forever and always be closed. This means simply the community voted against the assessment to replace the pool right now.

The Board is going to be asking for volunteers for a committee to decide the next step for the area. It is up to the community, not the Board, to decide what will happen.

The committee may bring other ideas for funding the pool replacement or they may bring ideas of something else for the area. Consider joining that committee and bringing ideas to the table.

MARCH 2, 2020

We received 250 ballots. Needed 168 yes votes for either to pass.
The final results….
POOL – Yes = 77
No = 173
No = 96
Many thanks to the four ladies who helped count ballots today.

FEBRUARY 26, 2020

We are having a Lost Lake Nite at the Aquasox game Saturday, August 29!!!!
Details to come!!

FEBRUARY 17, 2020   There was a money order in the dropbox this morning. There is no address on it, no lot number, and I can’t read the signature. If anyone dropped this off this past weekend, please contact the office. I can’t apply payment if I don’t have the necessary information.

Just a reminder to please put your address and lot number on any payment sent to the office.

JANUARY 23, 2020


Because there are two pressing issues that must be voted on by the community as soon as possible it was decided a special ballot would be sent out.


The pool must undergo a large renovation in order to be brought up to Washington state codes.  Just as in any home repairs, the extent of issues is generally not known until something has to be repaired or replaced.  The simple repairs allowed in the past are no longer permitted.

Two bids have been received for the work:

  • Northwest Hot Springs $225,000 KrisCo Aquatech $150,000

Both quotes are for a smaller pool, 20 x 40 Ft and 3 – 5 ft deep and provide essentially the same services. KrisCo would require us to get all permits, which has been included in the quote.

In order to do the work a special assessment would be required.  The cheapest bid would require a one-time assessment of $312 per lot.  If you have two lots that would be $624, three lots $936.  Because of quote payment schedules for each company, the Association would need to have all monies in hand before a contract could be signed.

The pool is open about 2 ½ months per year, from the last day of school (mid June) till Labor Day (first Monday of Sept).  The budget includes chemicals, permits, cleaning supplies, employees, etc.  It is expected the budget will increase yearly due to increases in minimum wage, costs of chemicals, propane, etc.   Pool income is received from rentals (about $240 per summer) and guests who pay $3 per swim.  Budget information for the pool:

      POOL INFO 2018 2017 2016
# Homeowners 419 416 415
Pool Budget $20,410.00 $15,820.00 $17,220.00
Actual Spending $23,438.00 $19,570.00 $16,223.00
Difference ($3,028) ($3,750) $1,657
3 or more x/wk 8 15 11
2x/wk 16 12 13
1x/wk 41 42 36
Less 19 16 20
Total Usage 84 85 80
% of Homeowners 20 20 19
Minimum Wage $11.50 $11.00 $9.47


There are a couple places near who have pools: the Country Club on Camano and the YMCA in Stanwood.

There are two options for the pool:

  • Pay a $318 assessment and fix the pool. Date of installation to be determined.
  • Fill the pool in and use the space for something else, such as a patio/picnic area or some sort of sports court. This would likely involve a special assessment, albeit much smaller.  A committee would be formed to investigate options.

If the assessment passes a due date for payment will be decided upon as soon as possible.


Our lake is a shallow man-made lake that has little inflow during the summer months.  It is treated multiple times through the summer months for algae.  However, the treatment does not address the submersed weeds and algae produced by the weeds.  One of our homeowners has been instrumental in getting more information on how the algae and weeds can both be treated together for a nicer and cleaner lake.

A treatment of Fluridone has been proposed.  This targets the weed growth by working on the germination process.  This process would need to begin in early spring and then possibly reapplied again within two months.  The treatment MIGHT last for up to two years.  There is a chance it may need to be retreated next year.  There is unfortunately no way to tell.  This process was done in the past and it was said to make a difference.

The Fluridone treatments would cost $25,000.  This is in addition to the $10,000 budgeted for the algae treatments.

Since this is not in the budget it would require a special assessment of $52.00 per lot.  Monies would need to be received before treatment can begin.

These must be voted on by the community.  We must receive a quorum (a minimum of thirty percent (30%) of votes in the association to participate, and sixty-seven percent (67%) of the votes cast to be in favor of the assessments).  That means we need to have at least 145 votes.  All votes must be received by February 28, 2020.  If there are not enough votes both items will be tabled.


 Please note voting against either assessment will

NOT decrease Association dues



JANUARY 23, 2020

Board nominations being accepted till Feb 28.  Contact the office.  Grounds, Treasurer

DECEMBER 16, 2019

The office will close Tuesday, December 24 and reopen Thursday, January 2. Given that email will be checked on a daily basis, I ask that you do not contact me via my personal messenger during this break. Thanks for your understanding!

December 10, 2019

Flushing this Thursday will be Poplar, Hemlock, Oak Ridge, Spruce Ridge, Silver Fir, Vine Maple, Aspen and Lake with these roads.

Next Thursday will be the other side.

December 4, 2019



Door opens at 5:30 Dinner at 6:00 pm

Club providing turkey, ham, rolls and drinks

Bring your favorite potluck side dish or dessert

“Make It” table for the kids

We will sing your favorite Christmas carols

and of course the man of the hour

SANTA is coming!!!!

Any questions contact Vicki 360-572-4722

or at the party look for the old lady with pink hair


October 29, 2019

Just a reminder that all dogs MUST be behind a secure fence or on a leash short enough that the dog cannot leave the boundaries of the property. We had a CHILD who was knocked off his bike this morning by a dog on a too long of a leash. Fortunately he is ok, but this could have been much much worse. Please folks, we don’t want people to get hurt!!!!!